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Keep Up the Good Work - Arizona

We are into the third month of the year, and many individuals are bored with their same-old workout routine. If you need to break the cycle of your “Globo Gym” and feel less like a hamster on a treadmill, spice up your workout with some of these exciting and challenging ideas.

CrossFit, founded in the early two-thousands, centers around a philosophy of completing daily workout regimens known as “workouts of the day.” WODs incorporate disciplines across the physical spectrum from high-intensity interval training, gymnastics, to Olympic weightlifting. CrossFit affiliate gyms, known as “boxes,” usually consist of hour-long classes with varying intensity throughout.

If your regular workout routine feels unfocused, another great option is Orange Theory, which has multiple locations in Arizona. Classes are led by professional coaches who host an hour-long total-body workout in a group environment. Also, don’t worry about conditioning becoming stale because Orange Theory focuses on switching up routines daily to keep things new and fun!

Sometimes you need to let some stress out of your system, whether it’s a hard day at work or you need to uncage some adrenaline, a boxing club might be the right answer. Boxing isn’t just for the men either; Arizona has a thriving Women’s kickboxing scene. These classes are fast-paced fully-body workouts.

To wind yourself down and settle into Shavasana, yoga is a great way to incorporate both strength and flexibility into your workouts. What’s hotter than an Arizonan Summer? Hot yoga classes inspired by Bikram and Vinyasa style practices. When you leave class, walking into 100-degree heat will feel like a brisk winter afternoon.

Finding a physical activity doesn't need to come at a steep cost, there are many affordable or free workouts available! Arizona features multiple running organizations that offer excellent resources for finding running events in your area.

Whatever fitness path you decide to walk down Arizona offers a variety of great options, so your workouts never feel repetitive. It’s a great way to get to know our community and also the many great people that live here.

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